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"I have a mold making facility in Northeast Connecticut. We have a very varied customer base that includes several custom molders so we never know what we will be building next. We might be building some simple MUD units one month and 32 cavity unscrewing molds the next. We have in house mold design, but very often we don't have the time to design them all here. Mold-tech Design is a project saver for us. As long as he isn't in the middle of a large project, he will turn the design around quickly. I have known Dan for over 10 years. Dan's work and professionalism are excellent. We use Mold-tech Design for all of our overflow design work now. I don't hesitate to give Dan some of the toughest, most involved designs, he's innovative and careful about details. His designs are sound and as error free as I have ever seen in the industry and I have been building molds for over twenty years. I highly recommend Mold-tech Design for any injection mold design work."

Norm Ferron
Ferron Mold & Tool
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Plastic Injection Mold
and Part Design
    Mold-tech Design will take the upfront time and effort required to design a mold that functions properly the first time. We work with our customers to ensure proper wall thickness, rib thickness, draft, finish, gating, venting, etc. to ensure your part is to specification and exceeds your requirements.
    Designing molds in Solids has many benefits over older 2/D software. Solids gives us the ability to design far more complex molds quicker and accurately with the ability to inspect the design for interference. This also saves valuable programming time by going directly from the design to programming and eliminates mistakes caused by human error and drawing misinterpretation.

    Detailed 2/D prints are generated detailing every component from the assembly, moldbase, cores, cavities, inserts, right down to the mold strap. Notes call out quantity, steel, hardness, and finish for all components. A complete Bill of Material is also supplied in an excel spread sheet.